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Of this and that…

OMG, I can’t believe I let the dust gather on the blog this way! I have the usual suspects to blame, of course. Haven’t you heard you have to be careful what you wish? There you are. I wanted to be a freelance, and now I am, no fixed office hours anymore. Trouble is, not being fixed, office hours have a sneaky way to add up to 24 a day. Which means I have been translating and researching and networking and …I finally found a breath to remember I’m an artist too, and that, being an artist, is the most important fact in my otherwise boring life.

Doesn't she look completely self-assured?

Doesn't she look completely self-assured?

Well, I have more or less made up for it. I have written a couple of poems, made a journal page and a couple of small works (all of which you can see at my other blog, the Impatient Traveller), and even sat down long enough to start my forever-postponed novel (whose outline has been also gathering dust – literally).

All in all, I feel like I’m doing what I wanted to do, which is the most important for me. And it never fails to surprise me that, even with the dramatic altering in my circumstances, no car, no money, not even a house I can call my own, I had never felt so serene and centered. Have you undergone something similar? If so, I would like to know


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